Our Loyalty Program

Here's how to earn LAA Points

At Laser Art Australia, there are a few ways to earn LAA Points that can be used for future purchases. Check out the ways to start earning today!

Create an Account

When you register for an account on our site, you will receive 50 LAA Points to use instantly !

First Order

Once you have set up your account and made your first purchase, you will receive 100 LAA Points!

Make a Purchase

For EVERY $1 spent in your cart, you’ll receive 1 LAA point which can be used (or saved up) for later purchases inc shipping

Write a Product Review

Earn 50 Points Per Item by writing a review for your items (Email sent a few days after you receive your order)

Earning Points

At the bottom of the page, a banner will appear with how many points you will accumulate for your order/selection
LAA Point Redemption

How to Redeem your LAA Points

There are two ways to use your LAA Points:

  1. On the checkout page, there is an “Apply Loyalty Discounts” button shown under your order summary (photo)
  2. In your “My Account” page (top right when logged in) there is a tab called “My LAA Points” where you can view your balance and also redeem your points as a store credit.

Either way, you are able to convert your points to dollars in the form of a store credit that can be used for any purchase. This is not limited to products and can be used to complete your order in full, including sale items, gift cards and any shipping costs!

Added Bonus

If we run a sale within 30 days from your order date, we'll refund the difference in LAA Points!*

For Example:
If you would have saved $20 on an order you’ve made due to a flash sale run within 30 days of your purchase, we will credit you 200 LAA Points to your account*

*Only eligible to current LAA account holders and does not include predicted sale dates such as ‘EOFY,’ ‘Black Friday,’ ‘Cyber Monday,’ ‘Australia Day’ and ‘Boxing Day’ Sales. These sales are regular and therefore can be predicted by our customers. Please wait for these sales should you want to benefit from these savings.