Choosing the
Perfect Colour

We have invested a lot of time and money researching, testing and fine-tuning our paint process to ensure that the product we use is not only durable and long lasting, but also fade, peel and flake resistant! Knowing that we use one of Australia's most trusted paint brands, you'll be confident you'll receive the right high quality colour, every time! Scroll down to see our range...

Check out our colour range!

These are actual photo's of our material painted in our standard colour range so you can see how your design will look as accurately as possible - but please remember there are still a lot of variables that may alter the colour displayed such as the type of screen you are viewing this page on along with your brightness and contrast settings.

If you would like to view the colours in person, you can take note of the name of the colour and visit your local Bunnings or paint shop. We are also happy to provide a sample upon request.

Solid Black

Solid White

Miller Mood



Smooth Beech

Oasis Spring

Mitchell Blue


Young Leaf

Variegated Frond

Green Paw Paw



Berry Smoothie

Strawberry Mousse


Lemon Delicious


Pick ANY Colour, and we'll mix it

Our products have an option to choose your own colour that is not shown in our standard range. Just let us know the paint name and we can make your item the exact colour you want! Colour swatches can be found at Bunnings or your local paint shop.

Designs with
If your design has engraving on it, the engraved areas will be the colour shown on our sample swatches. This colour is the result of engraving through to the raw wood so we aren’t able to change this colour. Keep this in mind when choosing an item that has engraving (our Boho range is a good example of this).
Precision Cut Edges
All of our products are cut using a high powered, precision CNC Laser which uses intense infrared light to vaporize the material leaving a very accurate and smooth finish. Due to the combination of high quality paint, and the very latest in CO2 Laser technology we are able to cut our materials after we paint them making the manufacturing process quick, reliable and identical in finish. The cut edges will always be this beautiful burgundy colour across our range, painted or raw.

Colour Accuracy

Dulux provide one of the highest quality, full bodied and durable paints on the market today. Dulux paint guarantees 100% colour match accuracy meaning you can choose any colour in their range (or a competitors range) and we can match it EXACTLY as shown in images on this page.

Check out the Dulux paint range here

RAW (unpainted) MDF items

We offer all designs to be purchased without any paint for 2 reasons:

1. They look great unpainted!
2. You can paint/decorate them yourself.

When you purchase our artwork without paint, the engraving will be darker as shown here.